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Hiking in Switzerland

3 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Amsterdam is the city of many things: weed, bikes, water canals, red lights districts, flowers and many other cultural details. I have visited Amsterdam for the 2nd just a week ago for three days with my girlfriend. I was there 6 years ago, but just for a few hours, […]

Camino De Santiago Tours
Camino de Santiago

Tips before Camino de Santiago

Tips before Camino de Santiago Actually there are quite many tips before doing Camino de Santiago and if I try to put them all in one article, it would be preeeeety long one and you would give up very fast 🙂 So I decided to group these tips into few […]

Camino de Santiago

How to get to the starting point?

My story I did Camino Frances two times and I got there in very different ways two times. I did Camino Portugues from Porto two times and I got to Porto both times by plane, it’s quite straightforward as Porto has a big airport and Camino goes straight through this […]

Camino de Santiago

Saturday trip to Dijon

Dijon Dijon is not so far from the place I live so I decided to give it a chance 🙂 Few months ago I visited Strasbourg which is an amazingly beautiful city in France, so I thought that it would be nice to visit some more bigger French cities. Dijon […]