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Hiking Boots
Camino de Santiago

Picking shoes before Camino de Santiago

How to pick the right shoes? Well, when you think about the long hike, especially 900km or more, first thought which comes to your mind is that you definitely should choose the hiking shoes. I think 99 percent of people thinks that. I did the same. And that’s a huge […]

Hiking Apparel
Camino de Santiago

Clothes for Camino de Santiago

Less is more Less is more is definitely  a rule when you choose clothes for your Camino 🙂 I definitely understand the struggle when on the last day before your take off to Camino that you may need 3 pairs of pants or maybe the 5th t-shirt is a good […]

Hiking Apparel
Camino de Santiago

Additional stuff for Camino de Santiago

What else to take for Camino de Santiago? There quite many options of things which could help you during Camino de Santiago. I definitely do not suggest you to take a laptop or heavy books, but some of the stuff can be pretty useful. The things I consider useful are (and […]

Visit Switzerland

Jungfrau, simply majestic (Switzerland)

What is Jungfrau? Jungfrau is one of the summits in Bernese Alps and it’s peak is 4158 meters. But today we are not going to talk about this mountain as I have never climbed it :)) We will talk about Jungfrau – top of the Europe, as they call it on […]