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Soglio – the hidden Swiss treasure

I have visited Soglio on the first day of 2020 and fell totally in love with this beautiful remote mountain village which is sitting in a beautiful valley which is leading to Italy. I came to Soglio on purpose, because I read that painter Giovanni Segantini once said it was […]

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Switzerland budget trip

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries not only in Europe but all around the world, so Switzerland budget trip can be tricky. People in Switzerland live a very comfortable life, but for a casual tourist a trip to Switzerland can be a huge financial burden, but do not […]

Morcote in Ticino
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3 days road trip in Switzerland

On the first weekend in January I wanted to do a Switzerland road trip and go to the places of Switzerland where I go pretty rarely. Here you will find my report of my road trip, how I did it, where did I go, where did I stop, sleep, walk, […]

Maloja Pass
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Maloja Pass

Maloja Pass basically connects Switzerland and Italy, once you cross Maloja Pass from Swiss side, there’s only 20 kilometers drive to Italy and beautiful Ponteggia village in Italian Alps. Let us discover Maloja Pass and see what we can do there, what to see and where to hike, it’s a […]

Day Trip to Schaffhausen
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A Perfect Day Trip to Schaffhausen From Zurich

If you land in Zürich and walk through the airport to exit, you may see very witty advertising where it is written ‘Welcome to Zürich, a pretty little suburb of Schaffhausen’, so why not Visit Schaffhausen? I love it. I like then smaller cities do a little trolling and love […]

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A day trip to Porentruy

Porentruy is a cosy and beautiful Swiss town based in Jura Canton and there are quite a few reasons to visit Porentruy. As you may guess from the name, it is in a french part of Switzerland and the spoken language over there is french. I have visited Porentruy couple […]