Would you like to visit Swiss Alps in the summer? If yes, you are here for a treat.

Swiss Alps in the summer
Swiss Alps in the summer

Swiss Alps in the summer can offer you hundreds of attractions: from hiking to amazing infinity pools (these are great in winter too), from paragliding to cable cars.

Summer is great time to visit Swiss Alps and has great weather almost all the time: it’s warm, rains pretty rarely, no strong winds – just perfect weather.

You can be hiking at 2000 m altitude in the summer and still get a great tan. That happens. Wear sunscreen 🙂

What to do in the Swiss Alps in summer?

As all the time, my first suggestions is: hiking. Switzerland is famous for hiking, it has so many well prepared hiking routes that it’s crazy. It would take a life time to hike them all.

In the summer time almost all the snow is gone from any hiking routes (especially from mid July), so you can actually hike pretty high up and enjoy the amazing views. From time to time in these high mountains you can find a nice little restaurant and have a fondue, coffee or any snack you like. That is pure Switzerland to me. It is so beautiful up there, so fresh, you can not not fall in love with that.

Just check out this website: Swiss hiking routes, and find many possibilities to hike: how long is the hiking route, where is it, how to reach it, what is the altitude and all other information is there.

Paragliding in Switzerland

Paragliding is very very popular in Switzerland and there are many companies who do that. Maybe the most famous city and destination to do it is Interlaken.

Paragliding in Switzerland
Paragliding in Switzerland

If you go there in summer, in the big meadow not that far to the city center, you are going to see dozens of paragliders landing each ten minutes. It’s crazy how popular it is.

Basically, paragliding is possible near most of the mountains and valleys, but if you want to get it easy and fast, go to Interlaken.

Swim in a river

That is wildly popular in Switzerland in cities like Basel, Zürich, Bern and many others. It is a very great way to see the city from a totally different perspective: from being a swimmer in the river.

If you go in the middle of summer in Basel and cross the bridge there: you are going to see hundreds of swimmers. Hundreds.

Swiss Alps in the summer
Swiss Alps in the summer

Be aware, that most of the cities require you to have protection from drowning (most of people use the bags where they put all the stuff and when closed it captures air and do not drown). In most cities you can not swim anywhere you want – rules are mostly written by the river – as some rivers have boats rowing on one side, people on the other, so they don’t mix and bad things don’t happen.

I think that is a great way to see the people, culture and city.

Take a cable car

Most of the mountains and cities have cable cars and these are wildly popular as they can take you to the most amazing viewing spots in minutes.

The prices can vary, but in most places you can get a cable car ticket for 40 CHF, places like Zermatt are more pricey – up to 80 CHF. But once you get to the top, you are not going to regret it.

All the cable cars are open in summer and that is one of the best times to use it.

Visit a vineyard

Switzerland has quite a lot of vineyards and these are beautifully situated on the mountains.

For me personally the most gorgeous ones are next to Montreux, not that far from Geneva. You can go there and do wine tasting or simply stroll through or next to them. It is very beautiful and the small villages to them have a nice french touch.

Take the train via mountain passes

Actually, that is a great thing to do all year round, but in summer you can enjoy it the most as you can just jump out in any mountain pass, walk around, take fantastic pictures for your Instagram 🙂

Swiss Alps in the summer
Swiss Alps in the summer

One of the most amazing trains go via Oberalp Pass (next to Andermatt), but there are more, check out what the official Swiss trains website offers: Panorama trips.

Visit Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch is maybe in “top 5 places you must see in Switzerland”.

It’s a mountain station sitting at 3466 m elevation. And it is huge. Very huge. And it has anything you want: highest watches shop in Europe, highest chocolate shop in Europe and so on. It has restaurants, amazing viewing points (I was there in the middle of summer and it is fuuuulll of snow) and anything else you would wish to find there.


It takes about one hour by train to reach it from Grindelwald. By a very beautiful train, very Swiss. It goes through Kleine Scheidegg train station which is a beauty itself and then you go into the tunnel which is in the middle of the mountain and you go all the way up inside the mountain to Jungfraujoch. This place is one of a kind. Must see.


Switzerland has a lot to offer in the summer, but one thing I really recommend – just go to the mountains. Breath it, enjoy it. They are immensely majestic and beautiful. Swiss Alps have so much to offer.

On the other hand: many Swiss cities and villages are so cosy and nice as well. Especially the ones in the mountains, but if you would like to visit Zürich, Geneva, Basel – you are still going to have a great time. Take a swim in the river, in the lakes (all of them are very very clean), eat ice cream and have a good time.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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