Month: May 2022

Best Snorkel Masks for Beards
Snorkeling tools

7 Best Snorkel Masks For Beards You Should Check

Many people with facial hair find it challenging to snorkel because of the kinds of snorkel masks for beards that are available in the market. Many men out here with big bears usually consider them an asset and hence will not want to shave them for purposes of snorkeling. However, […]

Grote Knip, CuraƧao
Carribean, Curacao

When Is the Best Time to Visit Curacao ?

Curacao is one of the top travel destinations in the Caribbean. It is the largest island in the Dutch Antilles and it is currently governing itself away from the kingdom of the Netherlands. In most cases, people are familiar with the A, B, and C islands. These islands are usually […]

Bora Bora - 14 facts
Bora Bora

14 Facts About Bora Bora Will Amaze You

Bora Bora is an island that is located about 150 miles northwest of Tahiti and it is often categorized as part of the Leeward group of islands in French Polynesia. The island is mountainous and rugged and the sculptures donning the island are all the features of volcanic eruptions in […]

Anguilla, Carribean

When Is The Best Time To Visit Anguilla ?

Anguilla is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean. This island is a few kilometers from St. Marten and it is one of the destinations that has gained huge popularity as many people are looking for pristine locations for their vacation. If you are looking for a vacation destination […]

Antigua, Carribean

When Is the Best Time To Visit Antigua ?

Antigua is an awesome tourist destination that is located in the Caribbean. The country boasts pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, uninterrupted scenery, and warm and friendly people. When planning to explore the Caribbean, then Antigua should be your next destination. The island does not receive sunshine throughout the […]

Snorkel in Roatan
Carribean, Roatan

10 Top Locations for Snorkeling in Roatan

Roatan is a perfect destination for snorkeling according to enthusiasts who have snorkeled in different parts of the planet. It is the biggest of all the bay islands in the Honduran archipelagos and it is situated a few miles off the main coast. The island is perfect for snorkeling activities […]